Sticky: Colostrum For Dry Sensitive Skin Conditions – Amazing Results!

Thursday, April 26th, 2012

People with very difficult skin conditions got  immediate relief from redness and discomfort when I added colostrum to my organic moisturizer.  One friend had been unable to put his elbows on a desk or table, they were so sensitive. He has taken every option his dermatologist provided, but to no avail. Then, we tried my cream, with a lot of colostrum added to it. Bingo! Immediate relief! Were we surprised – and delighted.

I had read about colostrum’s benefits for the skin, but I was still astonished by how fast and effectively it worked.  So, I went further, and tried it out extensively on all sorts of different skin conditions. The results were consistent. Colostrum is a godsend for difficult skin.

Here is what Anthony Kleinsmith Ph.D. has to say about it:

first milking bovine colostrum is an amazing natural resource of substances necessary to support the development and repair of cells and tissues, including, among other things, the cystine necessary to generate the antioxidant glutathione; assure the effective and efficient metabolism of nutrients; and maximize functioning of the immune system.

You can read much more about the science of colostrum in this post on Dr. Kleinsmith’s blog.

If you have dry sensitive skin, I recommend you look for products containing a significant amount of colostrum. My own ultra sensitive creme could be just what your skin needs.