Growing Concern About Synthetic Chemicals In Everyday Use

There are chemicals in our cosmetics and skincare products that are known to cause serious disease in wildlife and are suspected of being profoundly harmful to humans. The European Environment Agency, after reviewing 15 years of scientific findings,  is advocating a more cautious approach to their use, as reported in today’s Daily Mail.

Chemicals found in household products may be causing significant increases in cancers, diabetes, obesity and falling fertility, the European Environment Agency has warned.

Among the everyday items containing endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which affect the hormone system, are food, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. Daily Mail UK

There are even synthetic chemicals in skin care products that are known to aggravate the very conditions that the products are prescribed to treat. For example, the most-prescribed eczema cream contains a chemical that irritates the skin and can make eczema worse, according to this report in Science Daily.

That’s why I favor natural products, wherever possible, and why I recommend organic moisturizers for everyone, but especially for those with sensitive skin.


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